Arktual concerns are not only esthetic but also functional, ecological and technical . This requires designers, research and modeling tasks that allow to find the best way to develop the product you intend to create and streamline time-intensive.


For that reason we work on:

  • Separation of rainwater, totally absorbed in the soil.
  • Adopasto in parking area that allows absorption of water and prevents the formation of ruts in the grass, facilitating vehicular traffic.
  • Illuminated areas with PVC double glazed windows that allows sound and heat insulation with excellent ventilation.


Major technology

It has a technical platform to plug in all electrical /electronic devices telephone service , cable T.V. and mechanical equipment.

The houses have rainhandlers to disperse rainwater in gutters sloping slabs avoiding clogging and keep maintenance easy.

The outer-finishings require minimal maintenance, the wall facades have galarza stone meaning that you will never need to paint.


All our materials accomplish and are made with international quality standards.