“I want to express our buying experience of our private home. After a long search, we found the house that filled our needs and tastes. Since the first visit, Arktual gave us confidence in its promotion, deal, project materials and finishes, as well as the procedures to make the sale a success. Therefore, today our family made our dream come true.”

Guzman Encisos Family

With Arktual we found beyond a house, a home.

In today’s world, more than ever before, it’s important to consider the safety, comfort and convenience that a new home represents. We believe that life is full of important decisions and buying a house is one of them. It is one of those important decisions you make in life. For this reason I recommend Arktual. From the moment we met them, they knew exactly what we needed. Therefore, besides providing the best advice on a property, Arktual understood perfectly what we wanted, with an excellent attention that characterizes their professional team. They showed us the best chance of finding a suitable home for our family ensuring that all transactions are successfully undertaken as soon as possible, allowing the security of an excellent investment, giving us the peace of mind and observing the proceedings in accordance with laws and regulations.”

Miguel Angel Garrido and family, satisfied and happy customers.

“I highly recommend the company Arktual, builder of the house I currently live in. Is a reputable company with highly trained staff and a first class personalized attention. The houses combine good design ideas, modernity, ecology and many practical issues of life that would be difficult to enumerate. Their service is one of a kind! They give the whole track and explain why the sale is made, the best value. They also explain to you every detail in the construction. The most impressive of all was the after sale service- as I have never seen before. Their support throughout the sales process, from preparation to receive the new owners and relevance to theirs needs and adjustments of details required by the customer pre and post sale have been outstanding and have exceeded by far my expectations. I would encourage you to get involved with Arktual, you will have no regrets.”

Alfredo Saloma