Located in the south zone of Mexico City, in the area of St. Jeronimo, two blocks from Luis Cabrera. Cruz verde 207 Lomas Quebradas Delegación in Magdalena Contreras CP 10000.

Rational use of water

Water is today one of the most scarce natural resources in the world, so his proper use is vital
In the condominium Cruz Verde, rainwater is collected in rooftop, gardens and common areas all these water is lead to a common 40,000 liters tank where it is filtered and purified for reuse.
This water is used as irrigation system; it is also used in the bathroom.
All the bathroom equipment were equipped to make more efficient use of water.

This condo also has many open spaces that are flexible areas in order to give a sense of social coexistence to the property.
Lighting is a key aspect since its design and orientation of windows let in sunlight naturally, so that the spaces are well lit during the day.