Some people call it universal design, others call it lifespan design. Universal design can be appreciated by everybody because it takes into account people of all ages, sizes, preferences, abilities and disabilities. Many millions of Americans including baby boomers are finding out that they aren’t as spry or sure sighted as they use to be. Along with the usual problems aced by aging population, universal design also acknowledges a wide range of physical and mental abilities. If even acknowledges that a great many of ours most worthy citizens are children!
It calls for design adapting to people…rather tan people adapting to design. For example, a woman in a wheelchair should be able to work comfortably at her kitchen and so should her husband who stands over six feet tall. A middle age short person, or grandmother …and this kind of access should be equally convenient for her nine year old granddaughter!

If you measure 40cm tall or less we have the right home for you.

Universal design presents an opportunity to create a home that appeals to most people. For builders and remodelors this could be the key to even greater success. For consumers it could create a home that better meets present and future family needs.
Design for everyone the purpose and intent of universal design is to simplify life for everyone by making products, living, working and playing environments more usable by all people at all stages of life. Todays convenience may be tomorrows necessity, applying universal design concepts now ensures that the results will not only be satisfying today…but far into the future.